I have plenty of experience working with audio:

  • Recording
  • Editing
  • Sample composition
  • Filtering & effects
  • Lyrics
  • Production (I’m learning)

Click here for the album I made as my first pass at really learning production.

Below is another small selection of instrumental audio tracks I have created. Some I have used as soundtracks to videos, some are featured in video games, others are simply audio tracks.

Skipping Bits Across Our Digital Yesterdays

A soothing soundscape I used as a soundtrack for a short video about my first week teaching in Uganda the second time I visited. Created with Ableton and Audacity in 2014.

Johnny’s Diatribe (Instrumental)

The instrumental for a song I made. I like songs that have a dichotomy of pretty vocal samples and crunchy digital synths. For the song with lyrics I cut this short to about 3 minutes, but this is the entire instrumental. Created with Ableton, Fruity Loops and Audacity in 2014.


The instrumental track for an original song I wrote. The various letters and numbers after the words “SteelDragon” are a part of the naming convention I use while I create audio in order to keep track of different versions and branches in the song creation process. Created with Ableton, Fruity Loops and Audacity in 2014.

Asteroid Vacation

A simple upbeat track I created to use as a soundtrack in a video game I also created called AstroSkiOwSki. Created with Fruity Loops and Audacity in 2012.

This is Important (Not Really)

A dense track with a fun operatic sample a friend gave to me. I used this as the soundtrack to a video I made about unpacking the Othermill hardware, a 16 lb. portable CNC I took to Uganda to teach kids how to make electronics. Created in Fruity Loops in 2011.

Hillbilly Cyborg B-Boy

A very silly, overly energetic track I made for fun. Originally titled Help! I’m Stuck in an Elevator With a Ninja. Someone in Brazil apparently loves it. Created with Fruity Loops and Audacity in 2010.

Static in My Thunderstorms

A long, melancholy song with a really long low key intro. It needs a low pass filter to get rid of the high frequency hum- which you may or may not be able to hear. Some day I may get around to removing that, but honestly, I probably won’t unless someone decides they like this song and want to use it for something. The beat drops in at 4:26. Made with Ableton and Audacity in 2014.