Linz Craig

I’ve taught technology for 18 years to students and professionals ranging from two to Ph.D.. What kind of technologies, you ask? Everything from e-origami, ceramics and soldering to video games production, sensors, animation, electrical engineering, wireless, computer programming and professional development. Organizations where I’ve taught include SparkFun Electronics, Discovery Education Headquarters, New York University, Tufts University, University of Colorado, Colorado State University, M.I.T., Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Stetson University, Longwood University, University of Arkansas, East Carolina University, University of Massachusetts, Hampshire College , University of Wyoming, Illinois State University, T.E.I. in Canada, Design West, Fundi Bots in Uganda, kLab in Rwanda, at multiple Maker Faires, Mini Maker Faires, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Science Museum Oklahoma Network, Arkansas Museum of Discovery, Science Museum of Minnesota, Union Station Science City, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Strategic Air and Space Museum, Fat Brain Toys, US Public and Private K-12, US Library systems, a multitude of after-school-programs and at the United States of America’s Science & Engineering Festival (2012 & 2014).

Topics I’ve covered include robotics, programming, animation, game design, video & sound editing, soldering in many forms, sensors, actuators, microcontrollers, wireless networks as well as other overarching educational & technological skills. The National Center for OpenSource & Education presented my free educational material at the FOSSEd & OSCON conferences in 2011. While at SparkFun I led one of the first teams in the US to teach microcontrollers in a public elementary school, copiloted SparkFun Education’s National Tour, created multiple lines of educational hardware products, hosted multiple international contacts, created & taught the first SparkFun Electronics Intro to Arduino class (among other classes) as well as leading an Arduino class attended by 150 professionals at the first Make a MakerSpace, as produced by Artisan’s Asylum and Maker Media in January 2013. I also provide logistical expertise for organizations which are building, reorganizing or enhancing technology education “spaces,” outreach programs and curriculum.

I am a firm believer in Open Source and its many incarnations; including the relatively new branches of Open Source Hardware and Open Education. With the internet and technology connecting so many people, places and products I am of the opinion that freedom of information and equality of education are paramount to safeguard humanity as well as other forms of consciousness and natural resources.