I always thought I would find someone else to make music with long term, but that hasn’t happened yet. Below are a bunch of projects I made before I started getting serious about production, as well as the scratch demo I made in 2021 during the first audio course I’ve taken. I’m moving on to new songs, but as time allows upgrading some of the tracks below- remixing, adding production or mastering. Tracks are (for the most part) in chronological order.

  1. Audible Math Scribal Culture ft Morae & Nobby Precious 5:33
  2. Breathing Chemistry Scribal Culture 4:32
  3. Butterflies Scribal Culture ft A Truly Wonderful Korean 3:55
  4. Else When LASER SAGE 5:31
  5. Geek Out LASER SAGE 3:53
  6. Half a Lion Scribal Culture 3:36
  7. Hope is a Bridge LASER SAGE 4:53
  8. I Don't Know How I Got Here But It's Beautiful Scribal Culture ft Madam Betty & The Acropolis Gypsies 2:34
  9. Interstellar Vacation Scribal Culture ft Mr. Savory 1:59
  10. Kid's Living Scribal Culture 3:13
  11. Lengua Libre Scribal Culture ft DJ Chris & That Guy 5:33
  12. Marketplace LASER SAGE 5:31
  13. Never Too Late Scribal Culture ft Akoth Jumadi 3:35
  14. Past Thoughts Future Poem Scribal Culture ft Good Looks Ricky 6:24
  15. Shit Talker Extraordinaire Scribal Culture ft GDH 3:47
  16. Some Growl Scribal Culture 3:01
  17. Spaceship Goddess Theory Scribal Culture ft Madam Betty 4:32
  18. Stay Honest Scribal Culture 3:42
  19. Young Ganesh LASER SAGE 3:!8
  • Lyrics, vocals, composition and production by Scribal Culture.
  • Additional music, composition and production by LASER SAGE on tracks 4, 5, 7, 10, 12 and 20. (Honestly, k4-57 is the reason I still do music. That guy is next level awesome in many ways.)
  • Fathomless amounts of gratitude to k4-57, MoaM, GDH, Brian Hogan, Mr. Savory, SweetWater, Seth Elalouf and anyone else who has ever helped me with audio or tech support. Much love to my mom, family & friends.

This scratch album has original samples from Uganda, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, the United States, China, Korea, Costa Rica & FreeSound.org. Recorded in 2019. Vocals by Scribal Culture recorded 2020. Vocals by LASER SAGE recorded 2018, 2019. Dedicated to any being who lives life truly holding peace not only in their heart, but also in their actions and thoughts.

Razor Sharp Rosary by LASER SAGE: Total 90’s feel on this one. A LASER SAGE track that was “finished” before the scratch album below. Ableton 2018.

Razor Sharp Rosary by LASER SAGE
Razor Sharp Rosary (Radio Edit) by LASER SAGE

Johnny’s Diatribe (Instrumental) by Scribal Culture: The instrumental for a song I made. I like songs that have a dichotomy of pretty vocal samples and crunchy digital synths. For the song with lyrics I cut this short to about 3 minutes, but this is the entire instrumental. Created with Ableton, Fruity Loops and Audacity in 2014.

SteelDragon.X.J.04.N (Instrumental) by Scribal Culture: Another instrumental from the project above. This and Johnny’s Diatribe had spoken word over them. Created with Ableton, Fruity Loops and Audacity in 2014.

Skipping Bits Across Our Digital Yesterdays by Scribal Culture: A soothing soundscape I used as a soundtrack for a short video about my first week teaching in Uganda the second time I visited. Created with Ableton and Audacity in 2014.

Static in My Thunderstorms by Scribal Culture: A long, melancholy song with a really long low key intro. It needs a low pass filter to get rid of the high frequency hum- which you may or may not be able to hear. Some day I may get around to removing that, but honestly, I probably won’t unless someone decides they like this song and want to use it for something. The beat drops in at 4:26. Made with Ableton and Audacity in 2014.

This is Important (Not Really) by Scribal Culture: A dense track with a fun operatic sample a friend gave to me. I used this as the soundtrack to a video I made about unpacking the Othermill hardware, a 16 lb. portable CNC I took to Uganda to teach kids how to make electronics. Created in Fruity Loops in 2011.

(The Supposedly Epic Journey of) Marcus the Whale by Johnny A. Nonimus: This one is about a homeless guy who kind of accosted me at my job handing out ice cream samples on Pearl St. Mall in Boulder, CO. He said he was basically the ultimate freedom fighter/justice warrior, and since I was a captive audience (too kind to tell him to get lost, like most people probably would), he went on and on about all the crazy things he had done with his life. So I did the obvious thing. I wrote a nine minute poem about the guy, and then put together a soundtrack from a bunch of vinyl and recorded the whole thing. If he’s for real, he’s been given tribute. If he’s crazy, it still makes a great story. My first effort with Ableton, 2011.

Hillbilly Cyborg B-Boy by Scribal Culture: A very silly, overly energetic track I made for fun. Originally titled Help! I’m Stuck in an Elevator With a Ninja. Someone in Brazil apparently loves it. Created with Fruity Loops and Audacity in 2010.

Another Intro (Instrumental) by Scribal Culture: Instrumental of intro track for album below. Went heavy on the OG Blade Runner soundtrack. Turntables and Protools, 2008.

Another Intro by Johnny A. Nonimus (Army of I): Homemade album called Army of I that was my first homebrew effort at production. I had no idea what I was doing, some of it turned out decent. Turntables and Protools, 2008.

Mic Check by Johnny A. Nonimus (Army of I): I never quite nailed these lyrics the way I wanted to even on this second effort. I spent more time at house parties and open mics than in a studio when I was younger. (I spent almost NO time in a studio, kids… get in the studio, or better yet build a studio.) Old 12 second looper and Protools, 2008.

InterseaFoastedMarshMurkey by Scribal Culture (Army of I): I used to mess around scratching vinyl a fair amount. This is the only take I recorded from those times. No editing, one live take. Scratching over two Justice songs. Just having fun, no plan, wasn’t sure it was actually recording. Hot mess. Very enjoyable to create. Two turntables & Chaos Pad, 2008.

Autro Instrumental by Scribal Culture (Army of I): Last track on the album I made in 2008. I don’t have a hard copy anymore. Dedicated to my grandfather. Turntables and Protools.

Introduction by Johnny A. Nonimus and Seth Elalouf, ft Suzy Q: A really awesome guy I met in college who was kind enough to do production for a couple emcees. Despite a lot of time spent rhyming and beatboxing in high school and college these two tracks are all I really have to show for that period. Suzy Q was his house-mate, after the songs were done we made deep fried raviolis. 2005.

Mic Check by Johnny A. Nonimus and Seth Elalouf: Second track made with Elalouf. 2005.