Technology & training for people who want to help themselves.

Travel opportunities for those who make the tools available.

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We partner with educators all over the world to upgrade their technology teaching skills. We often leave them with awesome new gadgets, we always leave them with new knowledge.

Why do we choose to spend our lives teaching others about technology? Because we believe that the future will be a better place for everyone, & we will get there through peaceful technological innovations. We have no idea who will be the next Einstein, Tesla or Latimer, so we teach as many people as we are able.

How does your donation help others? Your donation pays for a skilled educator/technologist’s time partnering with schools, libraries & artistic organizations. We approach existing organizations & offer custom programs to train teachers. We write curriculum, build robots, find cost effective tools & help develop relationships between organizations. Every penny counts & when we can’t find donors we spend our own hard earned pennies to make every project a win. Investment in a peaceful & prosperous world for all is worth it.

In 2021 the first four “Local Workshop” donations will go to the Southern Massachusetts towns of Dartmouth, Westport, New Bedford & Boston Public Schools. Our stretch goal is to grant hardworking educators the opportunity to come to America to help us teach in local classrooms.

What kind of differences have we made so far?

•Helped start a computer lab in an African orphanage

•Developed robots to help teach blind people computer programming & math

•Written curriculum to teach robotics to students ages pre-K through post-grad

•Organized & led a summer technology camp for 200+ students & educators for four years

•Given free hardware to countless educators & students

•Our personal favorite; we’ve danced as classrooms filled with children played digital music using sensor based DJ setups that they built & programmed (Much gratitude to MIT Lifelong Kindergarten Lab for Scratch, the free introduction to programming for all ages.)

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