Driving to Scratchville

Scratch is a wonderful tool for teaching basic computer programming concepts. With its drag and drop interface it is intuitive and less intimidating than text based programming for young children and adults with no programming knowledge. Now with the Pico Board students can learn how to use sensor input from hardware to control games and animations that they have created in Scratch. This tutorial is designed to get a student started creating a driving simulator that uses the slider and light sensor on the Pico Board to control the game. Once students understand the concept of how to use these sensors they can easily build their own steering wheel using simple electrical hardware as outlined at the end of this tutorial. This tutorial is intended for students who already have at least a little experience programming in Scratch, but have never used hardware with Scratch.

Instructions for creating Driving to Scratchville. (Note, there is an error in the Fritzing image of the steering wheel circuit. The ground connection to the battery should be one hole above it’s current position.)

Driving to Scratchville code without the steering wheel.

Driving to Scratchville code with the steering wheel.