Got an idea for a prototype but not sure exactly how to make it happen? This is material I put together for SparkFun Electronics when I taught the Summer Semester. This material is five days of break neck speed prototyping skills from schematic to breadboard to Gerber files to soldering and stenciling with a healthy dose of wireless and GPS thrown in for good measure.

Download the Five Days of Prototyping binder here.

Download the Processing, Arduino and XBee code files here.

Download the Processing and Arduino files for use with the Simon here.

Download additional Simon code files here.

The material starts with a discussion of the design process, sourcing parts and datasheets as well as how to create schematics, followed by an introduction to Arduino. The second day covers soldering (PTH or SMD), a brief discussion of Lilypad, solder stenciling and an introduction to Processing. On day three students work with Eagle PCB layout software and cover more Arduino programming concepts. Day four is dedicated to GPS and wireless.

This material will help you get exposure to a wide variety of skills, software and hardware.

Concepts Covered:

  • Napkin Schematics
  • Datasheets
  • Arduino Programming and Serial
  • Programming in Processing
  • Soldering (PTH & SMD)
  • Sewing circuits with Lilypad products or Stencil soldering
  • PCB layout with Eagle
  • Wireless (Activity with Xbee)
  • GPS (Activity with EM406)

Materials Use in Combination with this Material:

  • SparkFun Inventor’s Kit
  • Simon Soldering Kit
  • Lilypad TechStyles Kit
  • FTDI Basic Breakout – 5V
  • Arduino Pro 328/5V/16MHz
  • 2 x Xbee Series 2 Radio
  • Xbee Explorer USB
  • Xbee Shield
  • EM-406A GPS module
  • GPS shield

Materials by Linz Craig

Additional materials by SparkFun Electronics Education and Rob Faludi