In 2012 I did a workshop at the the Tangible Embedded and Embodied Interfaces conference in Ontario, Canada. We used SparkFun’s ProtoSnap Mini to interface with Processing and control a simple game. There is a skinned and un-skinned version of the game so you can see how to add graphics and change the game on your own. This activity is perfect for the adventurous art teacher who would like to incorporate gaming and coding into a digital art class. You really only need to understand somewhere around five or six lines of code in order to change or add images to this game.

The powerpoint presentation takes users through the Arduino and Processing code, explains adding images to a Processing sketch, different ways to use the same sensor information and sensor calibration.

ProtoProcess04.ino is the Arduino sketch for use on the ProtoSnap Mini.

ProtoProcess04LilyDev.ino is the Arduino sketch for use on the LilyPad Dev.

TEIGame.pde is the un-skinned version of the game.

TEIGameSkin.pde is the skinned version of the game.