In 2016 I met k4-57. I hosted one or two electronic music events at the local Makerspace. The first one had three other people. We talked about creating a variety of musical instruments and manipulators both digital and analog. It was great. This one dude had his tie tied around his head, might have been on something heavy. k4-57 impressed me as a quiet future punk goth demi-god of synthesizers with a half shaved head of long neon hair sipping microbrews or Scotch in a cloud of pipe tobacco smoke. Long after I stopped going to the Makerspace I’ve stayed in touch with k4-57 creating music in his basement and over the internet.

Scribal Culture + k4-57 = LASER SAGE

He makes these amazing synth beats and I take them and f*ck them up (in a good way). Then I add vocals and sometime beatboxing, turntables or samples that I have created. The result is a smooth yet strong mixture, like kief and whiskey— good chilled, on the rocks, or as a straight shot.

The result is LASER SAGE.