Some of the organizations I’ve partnered with 


A few of the software I use for a variety of purposes

  • GCC (AVR programming, software underlying Arduino)
  • Arduino (Microcontroller programming)
  • Processing (Data visualization, interface creation and video game design)
  • CadSoft EAGLE PCB Design (Printed Circuit Board design)
  • Fritzing (Printed Circuit Board design, material creation, workshop teaching tool)
  • GIMP (Graphic creation and manipulation)
  • InkScape (Graphic creation and file format conversion)
  • Audacity (Audio)
  • Ableton Live (Audio)
  • Otherplan (Prined Circuit Board creation, CNC 3D milling, image and stencil etching)
  • Scratch (Drag and drop computer programming)
  • XCTU (Zigbee wireless configuration and API frame building)
  • SoundID Reference (learning curve to configure, but awesome sound equalization)

Others of the organizations that host or broadcast my content

This page rarely gets updated because I’d rather spend the time doing things than documenting them. But if we’ve done a project, workshop or created content together and you want to be on this page, please send me an email detailing what we did and any links that make sense to add to this page.