Partners, Sponsors & Software

Some of the organizations I’ve partnered with 

Some of the software I use for a variety of purposes

  • GCC (AVR programming, software underlying Arduino)
  • Arduino (Microcontroller programming)
  • Processing (Data visualization, interface creation and video game design)
  • CadSoft EAGLE PCB Design (Printed Circuit Board design)
  • Fritzing (Printed Circuit Board design, material creation, workshop teaching tool)
  • GIMP (Graphic creation and manipulation)
  • InkScape (Graphic creation and file format conversion)
  • Audacity (Audio)
  • Ableton Live (Audio)
  • Otherplan (Prined Circuit Board creation, CNC 3D milling, image and stencil etching)
  • Blender (3D modeling, CAM, animation and video editing)
  • Energia (Microcontroller programming)
  • Scratch (Drag and drop  computer programming)
  • ArduBlock (Drag and drop microcontroller programming)
  • XCTU (Zigbee wireless configuration and API frame building)

Some of the organizations that host or broadcast my content