Scribal Culture

The third thing I recorded is still in rough draft (most of what I send to my friends via text etc is rough draft), but it sounds good enough to me to share. Bought me a bass guitar. Haven’t really played one since middle school, this is first two takes overdubbed with some editing. To follow my trend- this is what it sounds like when I plug in my bass. That song by Eric Sermon and Marvin Gaye is absolutely amazing. To do list: Turn down vocals in I, fatten/rewrite bassline (after some practice) fix that one measure in II where the beatboxing overlaps too much, levels/automation. I like II better. Heavy winds today.

  1. Phase Three: Ruff Draft Niceness I
  2. Phase Three: Ruff Draft Niceness II

This is the second set of beatboxing that I recorded with my new gear. The first one was created using a sample from the second. Recorded this phrase directly after the first below. I needed water so I wound up singing about that. A couple days later I learned that there is effort to grant water its own entity-hood, similar to corporations in the court of law.

  1. Phrase Two Water Beat Mining
  2. Phrase 2 Water

What up people of the internet. It’s 2021 and I got some new audio tech. I’ve resolved to make at least one complete instrumental from every recording session I do with it. Below is the result of my first time with the mic plugged into my AudioFuse gear. I’ll edit out the Donald Duck bit at the end when I get around to recording the vocals for this, but yeah, this is what it sounds like when I plug in my microphone.

  1. Phrase One Instrumental
  1. Audible Math Scribal Culture ft Morae & Nobby Precious 5:33
  2. Breathing Chemistry Scribal Culture 4:32
  3. Butterflies Scribal Culture ft A Truly Wonderful Korean 3:55
  4. Else When LASER SAGE 5:31
  5. Geek Out LASER SAGE 3:53
  6. Half a Lion Scribal Culture 3:36
  7. Hope is a Bridge LASER SAGE 4:53
  8. I Don't Know How I Got Here But It's Beautiful Scribal Culture ft Madam Betty & The Acropolis Gypsies 2:34
  9. Interstellar Vacation Scribal Culture ft Mr. Savory 1:59
  10. Kid's Living Scribal Culture 3:13
  11. Lengua Libre Scribal Culture ft DJ Chris & That Guy 5:33
  12. Marketplace LASER SAGE 5:31
  13. Never Too Late Scribal Culture ft Akoth Jumadi 3:35
  14. Past Thoughts Future Poem Scribal Culture ft Good Looks Ricky 6:24
  15. Shit Talker Extraordinaire Scribal Culture ft GDH 3:47
  16. Some Growl Scribal Culture 3:01
  17. Spaceship Goddess Theory Scribal Culture ft Madam Betty 4:32
  18. Stay Honest Scribal Culture 3:42
  19. Young Ganesh LASER SAGE 3:!8
  • Lyrics, vocals, composition and production by Scribal Culture.
  • Additional music, composition and production by LASER SAGE on tracks 4, 5, 7, 10, 12 and 20. (Honestly, k4-57 is the reason I still do music. That guy is next level awesome in many ways.)
  • Fathomless amounts of gratitude to k4-57, MoaM, GDH, Brian Hogan, Mr. Savory, SweetWater, Seth Elalouf and anyone else who has ever helped me with audio or tech support. Much love to my mom, family & friends.

This album has original samples from Uganda, Greece, Switzerland, Spain, the United States, China, Korea, Costa Rica & Recorded in 2019. Vocals by Scribal Culture recorded 2020. Vocals by LASER SAGE recorded 2018, 2019. Dedicated to any being who lives life truly holding peace not only in their heart, but also in their actions and thoughts.

We are one people. United by math, music, love, truth & the written word.