TTT: Tech Teachers Travel

From founder Lindsay Craig:

“I’ve been traveling the world and teaching people from all walks of life since 2006.

In 2014 I started working for myself. Part of what I did was to connect techies and educators by bringing neat gadgets all over the world and teaching people how to build and use these interesting gizmos. There have been a bunch of truly wonderful people and companies that helped me along the way. Many of them still work together to continue helping their communities, and I haven’t lost touch. Together we are creating a platform designed to reward some of the educators and techies helping those who help themselves.

I really like teaching people, traveling, building robots and making music. So do a lot of the other people I’ve met along the way. We like doing these things so much that we decided to start a charity in late 2019 based on the tech tinged walk-abouts that find us teaching and doing art installations in places like East Africa, the US and Asia.

The joy that I have seen on the faces of kids world-wide speaks for itself. We all love solving problems and helping each other. Everyone knows that we will solve the problems of today with the tools of tomorrow. Help us teach the people who are doing that work with joy and enthusiasm!”



Tech Teachers Travel

 Technology and training for people who want to help themselves. Travel opportunities for those who make the tools available.

Want to help? You can do that here:

The idea is pretty simple— founder Lindsay Craig has been doing this work since 2013, only without charity status. Founding a charity will get us some tax benefits for doing the stuff that helps others and that we love doing.  So far that means teaching tech camps, providing sweet give-aways and giving solar/educational tech to all the teachers and other people who help, as well as giving people the opportunity to develop their video game creation, music/sound engineering and computer science/prototyping skills. It will also allow us to offer tax deductions to donators and give us something to promote when doing artistic events and networking. Here are some of the ways that Tech Teachers Travel collaborates with local educational organizations and tech companies looking for global market entry/support:

  • Solicit in kind donations of engineering and education materials (primarily in electrical engineering & computer science)
  • Workshops for educators, engineers, artists and students (everything from audio recording & augmented reality to video game & PCB design)
  • Hardware/SWAG/software give-aways (refurbished laptops, microcontrollers, LEDS, etc. We love SOLAR! Huge shout-out to Nokero)
  • Educational and technical support for events and installations
  • Offer opportunities to travel and teach for some of my quieter, yet extremely competent, geek-educator friends who have worked earnestly teaching others in their home countries

 Previous Project: 2019/2020 ROBOTS, BRAILLE & DJS

In 2019 Tech Teachers Travel did installation art and tech education in Uganda and at the Nyege Nyege festival, with artists, friends old and new, the FundiBots and educator Elizabeth Abur.

Elizabeth and Tech Teachers Travel have been teaching robotics and mathematics together to blind and sight impaired students in Gulu, Uganda starting in 2017. As one of our first donations, Tech Teachers Travel was excited to surprise Elizabeth with her very own QuestBotics set. (QuestBotics Inc. is a company previously co-founded by our Executive Director.) During Lindsay’s stay in Gulu, the two educators once again put braille on QuestBotics, but this time the robot stayed in Uganda with Elizabeth.

Summer of 2019 and 2018, Tech Teachers Travel did art/tech at the music festival Nyege Nyege. The art installations included: Interactive LED lit origami flowers, a distance sensor/LED light for on stage artists, sewing LEDs into dreadlocks and adding electronics to the efforts of other artists.

Who is Tech Teachers Travel Inc?

We are international educators, artists, parents, uncles, aunts and life long students dedicated to helping other Technology Educators and students across the world.

Sometimes we do workshops, sometimes we do art installations. We always hope to see gears turning and the happiness that comes with learning and teaching. What do we teach? All the different places where technology intersects with the more beautiful and pleasant things that the world has to offer. By teaching while traveling, Tech Teachers Travel and its grant recipients get a different connection to the cultures of the people we visit. When we return to learn from, and help, the people we met last time the connection is strengthened. It is truly a beautiful thing to see a deserving educator, entrepreneur or artist thrive. We’re happy to help that growth as we can, wherever we go.

Tech Teachers Travel Inc. is a registered business, and we are currently going through the process of applying for charity status. Any donations received within 27 months of our exemption will be retroactively granted tax deductible status as per the laws of the state of Massachusetts.

Would you like to help?

There are three different ways you can do that:

  • Financial contribution
  • In kind donation- hardware, software and time (Sadly we can’t offer receipts for time donated, but we would love to teach with you!)
  • In country partnering organization- In return for free workshops and hardware donations we love it when we can stay with friendly locals once the teaching is done. We’ve stayed on educator’s couches, under trees at music festivals, in an orphanage, on farms and at artist studios. We’ve partnered with restaurant owners, schools, art galleries, camps, recording studios, roboticists and more! Got a business or school? We’d love to work with you to offer exciting curriculum and sustainable education.

Want to get in touch about donation specifics, in kind support or partnering?

Please email Tech Teachers Travel at:



All donations are used at the discretion of Tech Teachers Travel Inc..

Tech Teachers Travel Inc. does not and shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or military status, in any of its activities or operations. In fact, we celebrate all of the beautiful differences that comprise the amazing human species and life as we know it.