Me = emcee2

I write songs and poetry. I love singing, rhyming and beatboxing. Growing up I used to emcee with a bunch of friends. I was usually the guy who would plug in all the equipment or help the DJ figure out how to make everything function. I was always the guy rhyming the loudest. People moved in and out of that part of my life and I persistently played with paragraphs, but somehow never formed a band or put together any music that went anywhere. I did do some poetry in 2010 with a bunch of other awesome people, some of these songs are actually from that period of my life. In 2020 (that’s been a weird one, huh?) I bit the bullet and have been taking a course on audio production. I’d made music before O, but I was never happy with the vocals and the production methods were always focused on samples from the work of other artists. (Ie. nowhere near the amount of recording, editing, composing, etc that it takes to create a 100% original piece) After 20+ years of teaching technology as a full time job— squeezing in art when I have the time and energy— I’ve decided to dedicate more life to the art forms I enjoy. That means that all of the energy I used to put into teaching and engineering now goes into things like making music.

Scribal Culture is the result.

I take pieces of the world I record and fit them back together as musical collages with (sometimes) insightful and (usually) entertaining vocals.

Musical software and instruments I play to glue together the collage: Vocals (singing, rhyming, beatboxing), turntablism, keyboard, guitar, bass (the last three very badly), Audacity, Fruity Loops and Ableton Live.

Influences include just about everything except pop-country and screamo/really heavy metal. I grew up on a combination of classical music, Celtic, Spanish guitar and hip-hop, teenage years I listened to everything (always really liked the slightly weird or subtly beautiful), and fell in love with soul/neo-soul as a young adult. I will always have a great amount of respect for thoughtful skill based wordsmiths and producers— regardless of genre, style or subject matter. In my art, my life and my work I hope to learn, grow and be good to others that I encounter along the way. Thank you for taking time to learn a little about me as an artist.

Are you an artist who likes my stuff? Hit me up! I’ve had varied success working with people over the internet. Please be patient, I don’t check this account that often.

Also, I am hoping for more exposure for my art. Please be in touch if you want to help.